Coral Protection

The corals, which form a critical component of near-shore environment, are of special concern to us at the SMMA. Efforts of every kind are being made to protect this irreplaceable natural resource.

Marine Reserve Areas

Four Marine Reserve Areas (MRA) have been created within the Soufriere Marine Management Area, as shown on the Zoning Map.

  • Anse Chastanet MRA
  • Rachette Point MRA
  • Petit Piton MRA
  • Gros Piton MRA*

Entrance in these Marine Reserve Areas requires a permit. Three kinds of permits are available:


User Fees XCD USD
Daily Dive Permit $13.50 $5.00
Annual Dive Permit $40.50 $16.00
Snorkel Permit $3.00 $1.00

These permits can only be purchased from the St. Lucian Dive Operators, authorized dive leaders, or at the SMMA office in Soufriere.


The Marine Reserve area from Sable Nic to its southern end at Anse l?Ivrogne has been declared a Marine Sanctuary and is closed to all activities, except authorized scientific research.

So what do we expect from all our visitors?

Do not:

  • Collect, buy, sell or damage coral, sponges, algae or sea urchins
  • Use a spear gun
  • Interfere with or disturb fishing activities or fishing gear
  • Release any poisonous or noxious substance into the sea
  • Use jet-skis/scooters or water-skis without a license issued by the Ministry of Tourism, in areas other than those designated by the National Conservation Authority

In addition, the following activities are prohibited in the Marine Reserve Areas:

  • Collecting, buying, selling or damaging any living or non-living materials
  • Fishing
  • Entering with a non-authorized vessel
  • Diving without a local authorized Dive Operator or a local licensed Dive Guide

Contravention of any of these regulations may carry a fine of EC$ 5000.00.

Bear in mind that the resources of Soufriere are there for you and others to enjoy? Please Respect Them!

Scuba Diving Hints to keep the reef alive