Dive Sites

The following is a description of some the best dive sites in St. Lucia, several of which are located in the Soufriere Marine Management Area (SMMA) and the adjacent Canaries/Anse la Raye Area (CAMMA) on the western shores of St. Lucia. There are several others to the north of the island and elsewhere, but, this small sample should whet the appetites of visiting divers.

Anse La Raye Wall

Located to the north-west of St. Lucia, there is a shallow wall at Anse La Raye, and below this is a slope covered in huge boulders, making way for interesting terrain. The shallow areas have lots of brightly colored fire coral, while in the deeper end there are iridescent purple vase sponges, barrel sponges, and soft coral. There is a lot of fish life on this dive – look out particularly for jacks, bermuda-chub and spotted-drums.

Wreck of the Daini Koyomaru

This Japanese dredger was sunk in the south end of Anse Cochon (Pig’s Bay) in Anse la Raye, in September 1996 by the Department of Fisheries. Most of the interior was deliberately left intact, offering an endless source of exploration for advanced divers. The vessel is a 16,000-ton metal structure, 244 feet long and approximately 80 feet high. The maximum depth of this dive is 108 feet. Already the wreck is a habitat for a number of fish species, including eels and barracudas, many of which accompanied the vessel on its journey from the southern end of the island. The vessel was sunk in close proximity to an existing reef patch. The fact that the vessel landed on its side meant that a wall dive was created in conjunction with the wreck dive. It has been said that the position of the structure lends an aura of mystery to it. The name Daini Koyomaru (Japanese for boat #2) is quite a mouthful, but the site offers a challenging adventure for the experienced diver.

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