What an I going to see on the dive?

Guaranteed … coral and fish! And boy, what coral and what fish?

Paul Humann, author of the award winning book, REEF FISH, was amazed at the diversity found on the reefs in the SMMA during their shoot for the second edition. Ned DeLoach, editor of the REEF book series, after nearly 25 years of photographing in the Caribbean by both he and Paul said, “Wow! 152 species. (There are more).

We photographed eleven new species in only five days. A new record.”Maybe we should direct you to your nearest book store. Look at REEF FISH and you will see what we have here in St. Lucia. There are so many to name….from Angelfish and Barracuda to Boxfish and Drums to a great variety of eels including the Broadbanded Moray and Frogfish too and those Flying Gunards, not to mention Octopus, Queen Triggerfish and Scorpionfish and Seahorses and Turtles and etc., etc..

The snorkeling is superb because there is so much to see so close to the surface. The abundant variety of color of the sponges, tunicates, octocorals and the schools of Creole Wrasse and Blue Chromis really make an impression on our visitors. “The color is so incredible” is not an uncommon refrain. There are several excellent places within the marine park that are ideal for snorkeling especially at the Pitons. Ask your dive operator about snorkel trips to the Pitons. Its a great beer too. But only after you diving is done for the day. If you have specific questions about what you can see while visiting our marine park, contact a dive operator on our Web site list. They will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

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