The waters around St Lucia boast some of the most scenic dive sites in all the Caribbean. You don’t have to take our word for it, just ask veteran divers who have traveled the world to enjoy their hobby.

Or better yet, take to the waters yourself and be immersed in a world of vivid colors and abundant aquatic life.

Given the large number of popular dive sites St Lucia features it’s not surprising that there isn’t unanimous consensus on which ranks as the most beautiful. But if you poll local dive operators, instructors and amateur enthusiasts you are likely to find Fairyland coming out on top.

Fairyland is located just off the rugged cliff face known as West Pointe south of Anse Chastanet beach and reef. West Pointe is a mile or so north of Soufriere Bay and provides a spectacular view of the Pitons loom nearby. Fairyland was named by one of the local dive instructors who describes it as having the appearance of a giant aquarium. Huge boulders covered with a rainbow of corals are back-dropped by dazzling white sand making the colours even more vibrant in contrast. The scene is punctuated with canyons that lead into the adjacent depths offering deeper water for advanced divers.

Fairyland is also known for its abundant fish populations. With the shoreline coming to a point, currents from both the north and south converge and flow seaward resulting in clear water and a concentration of nutrients to initiate an abundant food chain. The result is both bigger schools and larger individual fish than are found at most other sites. The same phenomenon also creates strong currents much of the time so Fairyland is most often undertaken as a drift dive for convenience. Dives at Fairyland are usually done between 25 and 50 feet with veterans occasionally going over the wall for greater depths and adventure.

Dive operators regularly remind their customers to bring their cameras when diving Fairyland. The ever-present school of Cravalle Jack, which numbers up to 1,000, is found no where else on the island. With each being up to 3 1/2 feet in length the school makes an impressive site. Fairyland also features many other kinds of fish as well as lobsters and stingray. The reefs are a breeding ground for octopus which lurk in cracks and crevices at every turn. Sea turtles are regularly sited as well.

Any of the island’s dive operators can be contacted for information on diving Fairyland or any other site. Immersing into the colorful and peaceful underwater world is sure to add to your holiday enjoyment. And if its Fairyland you visit, don’t forget your camera.